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Zapotec language translator in Oaxaca

El precio original era: $500.00.El precio actual es: $450.00.

Zapotec language translator

Hi there! My name is Rayo Cruz and I’m a Zapotec language translator.

I belong to the Bëni Xidza collective which is a language revitalization and reclamation project.

We focus on teaching Zapotec as a second language.

And we also offer translation and interpretation services from Zapotec to English and vice versa.

We offer translations for different types of texts and we have also ventured into audiovisual translation for both dubbing and subtitles.

We have worked with very specialized texts and literature.

We also have a Zapotec Dictionary for sale that can help you understand words from the Zapotec language.

In addition, we offer private Zapotec classes and we also have an online course for beginners.

If you need a Zapotec language translator, please contact us and we’ll give you our rates.

The cost shown on this page is for informational purposes only, in reality it we charge per word.

So the total cost of a translation will depend on the number of words in the text to be translated.

We will contact you as soon as possible.


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